Moving your pieces around makes your art turn into multiple designs. Find the one that is right for you and Keep it going



Vampire Skull

Green Machine

​A look at a series of inter-changeable pieces, showcasing, green, yellow black and white. These unique pieces can be purchased in groups or singles and the outcome possibilities are ever changing as you add more to your collection.

​Scroll through the page to see the intricate way these pieces form a beautiful collection of timeless art you can keep forever changing.

​Reflection 8

Eye Melting

Green Dragon

Concrete Eight

yellow eye


X marks the spot

green machine

Green Owl



Exotic Vibration

Owl eyes

Here you will find different ways to configure and mix your print of 'concrete'.

Don't forget that all the green machine series are compatible to each other!

Rivers of Jade

fifty shades of jade

Concrete Beetle

Cat Eyes​

Yellow Eye

Queen of the unknown

Dripping Horse

Be UNIQUE to YOUR space...Hang at different angles..mix and move your pieces around so they fit your style.  Customize your design!

Eye of the Storm.

Concrete Four

Into the mouth of madness

Concrete Six