Lady and Canvas was born over time

My name is Cindy Kennedy. I was born and raised  in The beautiful Georgian Triangle area, nestled between Blue mountain and Wasaga Beach, banking on the shore of  Georgian Bay..... most of my life I called Collingwood On, my home.


The first memory I have as a child creating my art was at a family gathering.  I was the only child at this particular function. My Mom got me a paper place mat (these were very common and popular back in the early 80's) Haha, I just dated myself lol....anyway,  I had this place mat and pencil and I started to draw. I remember how great it felt as I focused in on the details of the family of bears I had just created. I worked at my picture for what seemed to be hours when My Aunty Pat looked at my work with an expression I will never forget she gathered everyone around me most with expressions of amazement and some with disbelief of my accomplishment, a few going as far as questioning me to see if my Dad had actually drawn the picture. This was the  moment that I knew I had a love for art and that the world around me also had the same love and appreciation for an artistic touch


Growing up, I had creative influences around me constantly. My father holds a considerably artistic hand and eye when it comes to sketching drawing. I remember as a child the passion he would put into his art as he would sometimes sit for hours creating very intricate and beautiful pieces of art.

As I got older he began to show me how to draw and sketch certain things and he would point out that a lot of it was perspective..These words stuck with me through the years and I can undoubtedly say that My Father My very first inspiration and introduction to the world of art and drawing.

I love you Dad!

My Mother was my first influence on self creativity.  I would often watch my mom create costumes or contraptions, board games and props. She has always and still does have a a huge passion to create and invent, She has always had the ability  to look at something and see it the way that it could be and this skill I have acquired is a crucial part of a creative mind, one that I am very grateful to possess. My mothers creativity and open mindedness has always been an admiration and a inspiration to me,

Thanks Mom!!

Developing Skills

As an adolescent and youth to my Teenage years I continued to draw and experiment in different mediums of pencil and charcoal. I developed an incredible portfolio by mid high shcool and as I recall now, Art was the one class I always got excited about (I did always love school and everything about learning )..I am still until this day a bit of a nerd when it comes to knowledge, hehe.

A Turning Point

My Portfolio was stolen when I was about to turn 18...this was devastating to me...everything that I had worked on since I was in grade school was tucked away in that black leather hard as it was and as much as I missed my work, I thought to myself...I suppose it must have been good enough that someone wanted it so bad that they would steal it...In that thought, I forgave whoever took my portfolio and my feeling changed from anger to flattery and accomplishment.

The Road Trip of independence

Just 8 days before my 19th Birthday I headed out on the biggest adventure of my life at that time.  A map was acquired by a group of my friends and I. We looked at some potential places from our  map of Canada and we wrote three places each that we wanted to visit on tiny slips of paper, put them in a hat and drew one out and ............we were going to Nanaimo, B.C!! 

‚ÄčIsland Life

It wasn't easy finding our way on our own, most of us young teenagers,Carrie, Jan, Carla or myself included had a clue what it was like to be 1700km away from everyone you know..all alone, no contacts...We found a place right away and lived as four for a year or so..I eventually moved to my own apartment and got a job at a Bar/ hostel, This is where I met Larry, Sonia, Paulina, Chrissy,Melissa and Gary...these people all became very dear to me and still are to this day...they made me a part of their family...I LOVE YOU ALL FOR THAT!

I lived and grew as a young adult in a strange place, Island life was different,Beautiful for sure! I found out I was expecting to Be a Mommy and moved back to Ontario in 2003. I currently have three beautiful children, who are the most precious gift that life has ever given me. I realized after working in factories and Bar tending and the design companies I worked for and other jobs, even though, I was a great employee, enjoyed what I did and aimed for the best possible work ethic I could imagine, I just couldn't seem to get very far ahead. I was missing a ton of precious time with my children that I can never get back. 

I decided at that moment I needed to make some changes, I needed to reinvent myself, think outside of the box and that is where Lady and  Canvas  really began to blossom.

My father had given me an easel for Christmas when my daughter was 3, I never could seem to find the time. I took my easel in the dimly lit basement of my townhouse and the oil paints that were in the drawers as neatly as the my father placed them there...and I began, I painted for a couple hours and my second painting ever made was created!

I found my experience, gratifying, exhilarating even...I had created this picture, but in the process of doing so I also found an inner peace, a sort of zen. I never stopped from there and today I have painted well over a hundred pieces and counting. I also had an amazing friend and collector who has believed in me since the beginning Thank you Chris, without you I may not have continued to push harder to create beautiful pieces!!





and Canvas

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