Eerie   Night

The Pour oil on canvas by Cindy kennedy

Ship on Fire

Through the reflection of my eyes

Impression Gallery

Ruby Cove painted by Cindy kennedy

Grave Tree

Ruby Cove

Spirit tree
sandys hill

Romanticism at it's finest, I created this image as a tribute to the most powerful emotion known to mankind...Love.

Sunset in Africa​

Grave tree

Point of No Return

Available in most sizes, print only

Original painting

Acrylic on Canvas


Lake of dreams

Hunting Season

Coral Solar Storm painted by Cindy Kennedy

Mystical Forrest

Blood Lust


Coral Solar Storm

Blue Mountain


winter love
Springtime in the rockies by cindy kennedy
Greenery painted with acrylic by cindy kennedy


Eerie Night painted by Cindy Kennedy

Blue Mountain

peering eyes

Winter Breeze.

Lake of dreams

Toronto Skyline

Perspective is Everything

Winter Moon in oil done by cindy kennedy
ship on fire painted by cindy kennedy
point of no return
nyc skyline

I will hold you until the end

hSunset in africa

NYC Skyline

​Peering eyes

to be continued

Swinging into the Abyss

Sliver Moon done in acrylic by Cindy kennedy

Spirit Tree

reach for the light

Pirate Ship

Alien Moon

Perspective is Everything painted by cindy kennedy

Original Painting

Acrylic on Canvas


Hunting Season painted by Cindy Kennedy
Lucid flower

Walk in the Woods

Mystical Forrest
Through the forrest painted in acrylic by cindy kennedy
Swinging into the Abys painted with acrylic by Cindy Kennedy
through the reflection of my eyes

​Reach for the Light

Red sky in Morning

The Pour

Winter Moon

Available in print

I will hold you until the end painting by Cindy Kennedy
winter breeze

Spring time in the Rockies.

Red sky in morning

The Pour

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

​Sandy's Hill​

Winter love

toronto skyline by cindy kennedy

Fishing in the dark

Lucid Flowers

Sliver moon

Aliend moon